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Friday, 16 September 2022

Daily Trip to the Ancient Heritage; The Real Happiness is the Inner One

 Daily Trip to the Ancient Heritage

Pretty cool faces with amazing outfits, bright in structure, eloquent in speech, warming in relation.

You look at them with great interest as to be like them due to your roughly shaped condition, they pray they could be you – even worse.

Their appearances are affectionately compelling, yes, but there is a ton of fire burning furiously within them. With that, they see the worst of man being better than they are. 

The hardest most of us call the worst are not really the worst. Sometimes, physical impairment makes us feel the saddest because people can see it and tag us with it. Well, that's it. But it does not always kill, though it does.

Trust me, those things that affect us internally are what really matter. Our inner problems kill faster than the outer. Nobody sees it less they pity us for it or share useful advice. How do we arrive at the point that everyone that smiles is happy?

Is Pale smiles. Dark smiles. Fake smiles. Even the one that plays paradox with the face.

How do we then cure what is so hard to see but faster to kill? 

Apparently, not all good looking people outside there are really fine. Maybe you can also help with some kind words. Maybe your care will be a solution. Maybe your manner will help the victim open up and get solution. Just be good to make impact.

 Muhyideen Kolawole

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