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Friday, 12 June 2020

Democracy Day: Buhari Lists Achievements, Praises the Founding Fathers

Photo Credit: Premium Times Nigeria 
In his presidential address of the June 12 celebration, President Muhammadu Buhari outlined his achievements so far as the president of Nigeria and at the same time, praised the Nigerian democracy founding fathers with honor.

Buhari, whose speech centers majorly on his administrative achievements, said he honored Nigeria's founding fathers and fellow Nigerians who stood firmly for the nation's sustainability.

"It is a day to honor our founding fathers who toiled to establish our republic and every Nigerian who has worked tirelessly to sustain it," he said.

Therefore, since today marks the democracy day in Nigeria, the president found "it necessary to give an account of my stewardship on this day".

Outlining the accomplishments, Buhari said his government has achieved "eleven quarters of consecutive GDP growth since 'the' existing recession".

Moderate of economy, Nigeria ranked as one of the top ten reforming countries, infrastructure projects execution, expansion of the National Command and Control Centre to nineteen states of the federation, reduction of economic inequality, closure of the border, tackling the pandemic Covid-19, press freedom and eradication of hate speech and fake news among others.

The president, therefore, advised fellow Nigerians to stay safe and healthy as measures to curb the pandemic are in place.

"Thank you for listening. God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria," he concluded.

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