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Wednesday, 1 April 2020

US Lost More Lives To Coronavirus Than That of China

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   Johns Hopkins University report has shown that the number of people died from coronavirus in the United States has now surpassed those who lost their lives to the virus in China,  the first epicenter of the world for the pandemic.

    The virus had claimed 3,415 deaths in the US based on the figure  received from the Baltimore University more than the 3,309 officially reported in China.  While Italy has suffered the most virus deaths — 12,428 — followed by Spain with 8,269 and then the United States according to Johns Hopkins.

There are 175,067 confirmed coronavirus cases in the US, the university said, the most of any country in the world.  Italy is next with 105,792 cases, followed by Spain with 94,417 and China with an official tally of 82,278, Channel TV reports

In the same vein, Germany has recorded 68,180 cases and 682 deaths followed by France and its overseas territories with 45,232 cases and 3,032 deaths, Johns Hopkins said. 

The majority of cases and deaths in the US are from New York, which quickly became the epicenter of America’s outbreak after the state announced its first confirmed infection on March 1. 

Mayor Bill de Blasio said Tuesday that the city was “tripling” hospital capacity in a bid to get ready for the peak of the pandemic expected in two to three weeks.  “(We) will require a level of hospital capacity we’ve never seen, (that) we’ve never even conceived of,” he told NBC.

  Areas of the Big Apple are being quickly transformed to prepare for the influx that is already overwhelming stretched hospitals and putting a strain on medical supplies.

Source: Channel TV

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