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Thursday, 16 April 2020

UK Lockdown 'exit' Unprecedented said, Health Minister

The government has come under mounting pressure to outline its plan for how and when stay-at-home orders might be lifted.

The United Kingdom government has released a bitter truth that lockdown ban cannot be lifted as expected by the citizens and organization of the country. 

The government, despite  mounting pressure of the cathedral saying it is too soon to discuss such moves while the death toll continues to climb.

And health minister Ms Dorries, who was the first MP to be diagnosed with Covid-19, has now hinted that the measures could remain in place until a vaccine is found.

She tweeted on Wednesday night: “There is only one way we can ‘exit’ full lockdown and that is when we have a vaccine.

“Until then, we need to find ways we can adapt society and strike a balance between the health of the nation and our economy.”

It is not clear when a Covid-19 vaccine could arrive, with some experts saying it could take as long as 12 to 18 months.

The government is expected to extend the lockdown measures later this week for at least another three weeks

"Ministers have argued that now is not the time to talk about this. I profoundly disagree. Overcoming this crisis requires taking the British public with you.

"Millions of people have played their part and exceeded Government assumptions about their willingness to make sacrifices and to stay at home in the national interest.

A Government source said: "Our strategy is focused on saving lives.

"We have been clear that all decisions will be guided by the scientific advice and data.

"Talk of an exit strategy before we have reached the peak risks confusing the critical message that people need to stay at home in order to protect our NHS and save lives.”

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