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Wednesday, 1 April 2020

COVID-19: It's Not A Matter of One Country, It is A Matter of One Planet!

The entire world are experiencing what is hard to believe in the history of human being. Yet it goes beyond the matter of intra-national rather an international which the all nations are crying because of untimely death from pandemic novel coronavirus. Human being has nothing to shield them from the unseen threat called coronavirus. 

This is time for all the globe to assess and reflect that despite the greater height of human intellects, their level of sophistication and the will to accomplish anything there are certain things no one has power above. All the powerful figures in the world seems helpless and posed useless.  The entire universe is challenging humanity. Now it is believed that there is a power behind unseen which the powerful ones have nothing to assist.

It's not longer a mirage the threat COVID-19 also known as novel coronavirus has posed to entire humanity. Now,  we are forced to care not only for ourselves but as well as many who around us.

Different philanthropists has come forward to assist human community this trying time with all at their disposal. Yes,  truly tough time never last tough people do, but tough people who are fortunate to see the end of  the tough time. The casualties of tough time, no one can be chest-bold that will wide-off the tough time. More than envisaged number of people have died from coronavirus and no way this is recoverable. 

This pandemic has affected all sphere of life ranging from economy, education and health,  less can be said from the casualties humanity has suffered from this global threat virus.  Trillions of dollars have been lost by different countries economies of the world and no one is dare to step out against the deadly stigma. 

According to information received from during the time of this collation, globally, the entire world recorded 646,223 active cases,  while death toll rise 43,430 and 184,952 are the recovered victims.

There are some countries whose count is going to disbelief as the number keep on increasing every second. US recorded total number of 188, 639 cases of which 177,329 is the active,  4, 059 deaths and  7, 251 recovered.

Italy has 77,635 active cases of which the deceased is 12,428 and 15,729 recovered. The worst part of this account is that, the problem continue increasing every minute and there's less to which can be done to stop it. 

Let's all stay safe and abide by the regulations lay down by health sector of our individual country to help contain the spread of the disease.  All of us at Focus News wish all Our noble audiences and the entire world community a safety stay and we pray for quick recovery for the infected ones and total redemption for all humanity from deadly seasoned epidemic of coronavirus. Stay safe, stay indoor. 

To your safety, 

Chief Editor Focus News, 
Ahmad Abdulrasheed 

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