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Monday, 27 April 2020

COVID-19, After Weeks of Expectations, UK Prime Minister Showed Up Again, Assured of Fully Fit

After weeks of expectations, the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson shows up again and affirmatively announces that he is fully fit to carry on with the national affairs of the kingdom.

Boris Johnson has said it on Monday in a statement released from his office,  Downing Street that he is back in charge of his official duties after weeks of suffering from the  deadly Coronavirus. 

Boris Johnson has been under serious  medical attention since April 6 as he was recuperating from the deadly virus before he was discharged recently when his health condition got better. 

He expressed his thank you message to those who stood by him during the challenging time and those who 'stepped up' in his absence to ensure the national affairs was not jeopardized. He added that, UK is making progress 'passing through the peak'.

According to him, Johnson warned the citizens that, it is not the time 'to go easy' on the virus. He said, ‘We are now beginning to turn the tide,’ he said. ‘I ask you to contain you impatience because I believe now we are coming to the end of the first phase of this conflict.’

Johnson added that, once the disease was under control the draconian curbs can be ‘refined’, and the government would say more in the ‘coming days’ about how it will ‘fire up the engines of this vast UK economy’.

He chaired the daily 9.15am ‘war cabinet’ on the pandemic, today where the first steps on easing restrictions could be thrashed out.

But he is facing a maelstrom over the draconian ‘social distancing’ curbs that have succeeded in stemming the spread of the killer disease, but are also bringing the economy to its knees.

With the current economic stagnant in the country, people cannot longer withstand staying home as there are rising traffic  levels and more shops and construction sites are resuming back to work which is detrimental to the current steps in stemming the spread of the virus. 

Photographs taken during rush hour showed queues building up on London roads including the A40 at Perivale and the A102 at Greenwich, while the M5 in Bristol and the M6 in Walsall were also busy with cars, vans and lorries.

Meanwhile, rail commuters continue to pile onto London Underground trains as travel bosses carry on running a reduced service only for key workers, with Canning Town and Canada Water stations both busy this morning.

Mobility data from Apple based on requests for directions via its apps showed levels of people driving or walking are both gradually rising, although the use of public transport has remained roughly the same all month.

Source:  Vanguard 

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