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Tuesday, 21 April 2020

15 Years Girl Stabbed Her Half-brother to Death in Germany

A fifteen years old girl in Detmold, Germany had stabbed her younger brother till death. The boy, Nicolas of three years of age get stabbed by his half sister while he was sleeping in their home in Germany. 

The 15years old girl whose name is Olivia allegedly stabbed Nicholas 28 times with knife while he was sleeping and wrote on the wall in his blood  "This is your son" developing an unhealed wound in the heart of his mother. 

According to the report related by Guardian,  Olivia carried out this evil act while their parents were not at home. She killed her brother and ran away from home until she was found next day in the near by town. 

She was later caught after searching all around with helicopter by cops six miles away from her home in a town called, Lemgo. She is believed to have spent the night outdoors and walked to the neighbouring town on dirt roads.

The 15-year-old girl yesterday went on trial in Germany for killing her 3-year-old half-brother, with prosecutors saying she stabbed him 28 times in November with a knife as he was sleeping.

People were weird about this incidence and have been questioning what might led the young girl to such horrible attempt of killong his brother. 

Neighbors called on police to notify them when they find out this horrible scene happened in November 2019 upon which she was sent to jail when arrested.

She started her trial yesterday, Monday in Germany though the court proceedings takes place behind closed doors because she is considered a minor. It is reported that she would  face up to 10 years in jail if she is found guilty of murder.

Her lawyer, Helmut Woehler wanted to know the reason why that might prompted his client to that heartless action and tried to cooperate with the psychiatric expert to confirm whether she suffered from memory lost, the lawyer told newsmen.

According to the report, She did not resist arrest and was calm at the time, according to prosecutors. She identified herself as the perpetrator after her arrest but said she was suffering from memory loss.

The girl continues to be rather introverted, but has become used to life in jail and is attending school there, Woehler said.

The court has scheduled three further trial dates this month.

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