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Tuesday, 24 March 2020

25 Lawmakers Confirmed Coronavirus Positive

  It has been recorded that at least 25 Nigerian lawmakers have been tested positive of coronavirus (COVID-19).

  From the information received through Aledeh, Focus News learned that 10 senators and 15 members of House of Representatives totaled 25 have been infected with coronavirus. 

  According to the source,  most of these lawmakers are just came back to Nigeria over past week which indicates that they might be probably contracted this disease  from foreign lands. 

 The Presidency has earlier written the leadership of the House to have its members tested for the virus following their earlier refusal to undergo test as demanded by presidency.  Now,  it is no longer a gain saying that the lawmakers have been among the vehicle that transmit ted the deadly Coronavirus to the country. 

  Nigeria had announced it has 36 cases of the global pandemic with two of the cases inactive after they tested negative. The latest update will cause a surge in the number of total cases.

  The Federal government had earlier announced 5 new cases of the virus with Edo State recording a fresh case of the virus.

 Minister of Health  has also confirmed the first death from the virus of one Mr.  Suleiman Achimugu, a former MD of PPMC who was announced on Monday.

Lagos State has the highest number of reported cases so far with 25, with the FCT coming behind it with 6 cases. There are 2 cases in Ogun State with 1 recorded in Ekiti and Oyo States.

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