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Tuesday, 14 January 2020

"If Trump walks... will change for better" Syria President told Putin

A new video shared on Twitter shows Syrian leader Bashir Assad and Russian President Vladimir trolling their American counterpart Donald Trump.

The video was published on Tuesday by RT, a pro-Russian publication, on its Twitter handle.
Others in the video are an interpreter and a priest at the Mariamite Cathedral.

According to the subtitle in the video, Assad told the priest and Putin that if Trump walks on the famous Straight Street leading to Mariamite Cathedral, he will become a changed man.

“He will change for the better,” Putin replied according to RT.com’s translation of the conversation between the two leaders.

The priest then told Assad to invite Trump to the Straight Street and Assad jocularly said he will.
Straight Street is deemed to have transformed Apostle Paul’s life in the Bible.

It was on the street a blind Saul was led to Judas’s House, where he was prayed for by Ananias and his sight restored. That encounter led to his conversion to Paul.

It was these series of encounters that Assad and Putin referred to in the conversation.

Although Trump is often accused of being Putin’s stooge in the White House by a section of the American society, he and Putin, and especially Assad are often at different sides of international politics.

Source: Guardian

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